Our core business, our core competency.

Whether you are active in Switzerland, abroad, or both: we can advise and support you, be it for company incorporations or simply day-to-day business (and business that is not quite day-to-day) through to successor solutions.

National trust

Our trust services for companies domiciled and/or operating in Switzerland include, for example:

  • Advice in the choice of legal form (e.g. Partnerships, Public Limited Companies, Limited Liability Companies, Foundations)
  • Assistance with incorporation
  • Creating business plans for investors
  • Advice and support for taxation queries (direct taxes, VAT etc.)
  • Preparing tax returns
  • Advice relating to social insurance matters
  • Accounting and preparation of annual financial reports
  • Payroll administration

International trust

Where cross-border trust duties arise you benefit from our outstanding, international network. Together with our trustworthy and carefully selected international partners we can fulfil your every need: bespoke and just as cost effective as in Switzerland. Our international range of services include, amongst others:

  • Advice and global processing for the incorporation of companies and trusts
  • Tax-optimised asset structuring
  • Structures for Asset Protection
  • Tax advisory service
  • Estate planning and asset planning
  • Support for opening accounts
  • Exercising executive functions
    (Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, Protector etc.)
  • Escrow Agent
  • Establishing a domicile