A clear sight yields the right decisions.

The competent and precise handling of tax affairs is an important part of our work. It goes without saying that we keep abreast of the latest developments and never lose track of events – very important considering the ever-increasing plethora of regulations, directives and legislation in this area. We are able to provide you with all-embracing support thus saving you money, time and frustration.

Direct taxation

We are well acquainted with tax legislation not only at cantonal level but also for the whole of Switzerland. Our services are able to fulfil all your needs and include:

  • Tax planning
  • Filling out tax declarations
  • Advice about anticipatory tax on dividends
  • Application of double taxation agreements
  • Corporate Tax Reform III
  • Contact and clarifications with the relevant tax authorities

Value Added Tax

The need for a more straightforward value added tax system is not without foundation: the tax is difficult to calculate on the one hand whilst an incorrect declaration on the other can lead to the payment of extortionate retrospective taxes, default interest and severe financial penalties. So that this doesn’t happen to you we help you with your VAT concerns by:

  • Preparing VAT reporting and annual finalisation
  • Input tax reduction
  • Calculating and apportioning the private contribution
  • Changes in use
  • Filling out tax declarations
  • Fiscal representative in Switzerland
  • Contact and clarifications with VAT authorities